When the time comes to purchase your next new or used car, we at Berwick Motor Group understand that it can prove to be a daunting experience. After all, you will likely be parting with many thousands of dollars in order to head off the forecourt. As such, we will help you secure competitive rates of finance that are affordable and mean any initial outgoings will be reduced, with fixed weekly payments available instead.

By taking advantage of financing with Berwick Motor Group, you will often find that selecting a model that is a higher specification becomes more affordable, so you can ensure that you’re always getting more for your money. Our team of sales experts will guide you through the application process from beginning to end, and will detail the various purchasing schemes that are available. In fact, there are many advantages to working with Berwick Motor Group when purchasing your vehicle through financing:

  • Tailored: From consumer finance to leasing, our sales advisors will be able to tailor a purchasing scheme that suits you
  • Fast: Applications will be processed on the spot, with approvals often provided the same day
  • Convenient: Our sales teams are located in our dealerships, meaning you will be able to make arrangements to buy instantly

Want to learn more about the financing options for your next vehicle? Get in touch with the team at Berwick Motor Group today.